Life coaching for you

As a life coach I assist my clients in creating a magnificent life. I do so by exploring with you what you truly desire, by training you in using your emotional guidance system and by helping you re-establish a conscious relationship with your higher self (which is the broader aspect of you on a non-physical, higher level of consciousness).

Your higher self knows what the magnificent life is that you desire and tries to inspire you by imprinting you with desires and giving feedback through your emotional body.

Woohoo? Not so much.

You have moments of clarity and inspiration, you have felt sudden bursts of love, experienced being in love, feeling passionate, as well as moments of strong negative feelings, such as feeling confused, fearful, anxious or depressed. All these feelings are guidance at work, directly from your higher self, and indicate alignment or misalignment with the perspective (frequency) of your higher self.

The challenge is however that most people don’t understand the message of these feelings, let alone understand the perspective that is challenged, so they come up with all kinds of funny stories about their lives going a certain way, blame others when they feel bad (do you see the connection with conflict already?), or they let others be the reason that they feel good (anyone looking for their soulmate? then mate with your soul first), or they give up on dreams that they initially felt passionate about, as soon as self-doubt creeps in (guidance telling you that it is time to adress a limiting belief). As long as you misinterpret the message of these feelings, you cannot take conscious control of your life, let alone build the momentum to realize your heart’s desires.

However when you have a framework for understanding your inner guidance system and practice using your inner guidance by becoming aware of its messages, you can become so empowered, that you no longer doubt your own possibilities, feel confident and begin to create a magnificent life. Then you bravely move forward enjoying your beautiful life as a powerful creator, while consciously knowing that your higher self has your back.

Questions? Want to work with me?
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With a big smile Eline van Veenendaal