A few ways to access your intuition (and what is intuition anyway)

Have you ever experienced a time in your life where you just knew what to do or what to say? Where you followed your hunches and everything unfolded magnificently?

Likely at that moment in time you were in synch with your intuition, clearly receiving the wisdom, ideas and insights you most needed. Now I hear from many people that they would like to become more intuitive in every day life. So I decided to dedicate a post to it.

Intuition is your mental ability to tune into a broader perspective that contains all the knowledge about your life and your everyday world. It speaks to you through your preferences, (day) dreams, insights, ideas and all the emotions that you experience. It is always present, but the key is that you have to be present to the fact that it is. You have to consciously invite intuitive guidance to be part of your life, otherwise you might drown out all the wisdom in the chaos of everyday life. If you dismiss the idea that intuition is readily avaliable to you, then that will be your experience. All it takes is a moment to moment awareness, to allow your intuitive voice to become a stronger force and resource in your life.

Intuition is important, because it is part of the formula for a fulfilling life. The formula:

goals + imagination + enthusiasm + intuition + inspired action = the manifestation(s) you desire in your life

This means you have to clarify what you want out of life, while leaving the how(s) outside of the equation. (If you have no clue what you want out of life or what your purpose is, when you only know what you don’t want, contact me so I can help you clarify your life purpose and send you off in the right direction).

Use your imagination to allow your goals to really settle in. Visualize yourself achieving your goals, take some time out everyday to imagine the manifestation of your desires. This requires focus. In this part of the process you’ll still leave the how(s) out of the equation, because it kills imagination – many dreams and hopes are never realized due to too many premature how(s).

Enthusiasm, anticipation and excitement are all positive emotions. You need to experience these emotions to realize your desires. They are high frequency and allow you to tap into your intuition. Accurate intuition is always high frequency. The key is to be happy, before your goals and dreams are manifesting (this is what most people are trying backwards, if you need help with that contact me too).

As said earlier, intuition comes in many forms. A few ways to access your intuition is meditating with the intent to ask for guidance, journaling about what you are seeking intuitive guidance on, doing a dialogue with yourself or doing something creative that gets your juices flowing. I for example, love to journal and paint. For me painting works better than meditation, but you just have to decide for yourself what works best for you. A thing to remember is that you shouldn’t try to figure out if the thoughts you are receiving are made up by you or are intuition at work. Key is that when the insights, ideas or thoughts are bringing you relief and evoke positive emotions, you likely have tapped into your intuition.

Then there is inspired action. Based on the intuitive guidance you’ve received you can start to follow-up with small action steps. Making them small allows you to test and try and adjust, as well as to create and walk a solid path towards the realization of your desires. Too often people who experience strong negative emotions are thinking that they need a major life overhaul, but often this only creates more chaos. Happiness and life success are created by adjustments in perception (perspective) and do-able inspired action steps.

My hope is that you are now understanding why intuition matters and that you’ve found some ideas about accessing it. If you would like to explore working with me as your coach. Feel free to contact me, I have space for a few new clients.  I am a wishing you a brilliant day!

Love, Eline



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