Be yourself and like yourself (what does it take)

Be yourself… and like yourself. That is the purpose of your life. You are here in this body, living your life, to experience who you really are. Who you really are is loving. Who you really are loves everything about your life.

Yes, even the highs and the lows – the contrasting life experiences.

Be true to yourself. What does that mean? What does it take?

It means that you are in integrity or aligned with the best version of you. The excited, loving, wise, appreciative, relaxed, elated, high energy person that you in essence are. When you feel these emotions, they are indicating that you are on a high vibrational frequency. You are in alignment with the best version of you. You experience great timing, synchronicities and a sense of ease and flow. Life unfolds – and it is good! You find solutions to obstacles easily and you are energized.

Now let’s take it forward to your career and life purpose. Follow these 5 steps and it won’t take you long to get off in the most fulfilling career direction.

  1. Make peace with where you are. This allows you to release the tension you might have attached to your current experience. You are never without inner guidance, you only have to keep your channel open.
  2. Relax and have fun. This allows you to open up your channel to infinite wisdom and inner guidance. Spend a block of time on your own doing an activity that you love. It really doesn’t matter what it is, the only objective is that you feel very good while doing it.
  3. Explore your dreams, hopes and career fantasies. Visualize and imagine what you would like your career lifestyle to be. Indulge in the happy emotions that you experience during this dreamy state of mind. Word of caution: if your mind starts to go in the direction of the hows, redirect it the moment you start to feel worry or anxiety about how to make it happen.
  4. Get a note book or sketch book and start to journal or draw about what you would love to experience and how that would make you feel. Every solid tree was once a seed with a desire to expand and to grow. All new life chapters start with your vision for your next desired experience.
  5. Follow inner guidance and soothe your mind. Your mind is the only thing that can be standing in the way to your intuition. Train your mind to focus on what you desire and redirect it the moment you start to experience any negative emotions. Your intuition is calling you to new ideas, flashes of insight, right place, right timing and wonderful opportunities. Trust it and follow up on it – that is inspired action! It’s a progressive thing. Your ‘safety’ check is your emotional state (inner guidance at work). Only engage in action while feeling really good. And when you don’t feel really good you have blocked your channel, but now you know how to open it! Do you? Do you? It’s either in step 1 or 2.

Have fun with it and if you really want to speed up your progress and process contact me. There is nothing more delicious than flying high and realizing your desires with ease…

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