Life coaching is something you need to experience for yourself. There are many life coaches and we are all different in our approach and personality. That is why I am offering you the opportunity to get a taste of life coaching in a free sample session. Here you can discover who I am as a life coach, how I can help you move forward and – last but not least – if you are being inspired by working with me. When you conclude that you’d love to work with me, I will make you an offer tailored to your needs, and when you decide that I am not the life coach for you, then that is perfectly fine too. No strings attached.

Do you want to schedule your free sample session? Go to contact.

So what are the things I can help you move forward on? Happiness and pleasure! Whether you are seeking more joy and happiness in your life, your work or business, more satisfying relationships, are seeking a change in careers, want to discover new personal dreams and talents, want to get out of a funk and find new zest for life, want to get your spark back, need new inspiration after a break-up, want to learn more about managing your energy and stepping into your personal power, you name it and I work with it.

See me as your personal cheerleader or travel guide. Once you get the hang of it, new doors in your life will open. So click the link above, send me that email and I’ll speak to you soon too.

I didn’t know Eline personally at first and was a little suspicious how coaching could work – in a language which is not my first language and via phone. How could she interpret my reaction or my feelings? But astonishingly, it really works. During our sample session she convinced me by asking me the absolute right questions, meeting the point and giving me so many remarks to think about. She managed to get me up and implement the things which are important to me and makes me leave my comfort zone. I took decisions I haven´t been able to take for the past 10 years – feeling good and proud about my results. – S.