Everything is (only) energy.

Life coaching is something you need to experience for yourself, especially the signature style I have developed over the years. Besides, there are so many life coaches out there, all different in approach, personality and skill level. Which is why I offer a complimentary consultation session, here you have the space to discover who I am as a life coach and how I work. When we both feel we’re a good match and that working together will lead to the highest outcomes, I’ll tailor a coaching programme to your needs – and if you feel that I am not the life coach for you, then that is perfectly fine too. No strings attached.

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Because everything is the result of our (consciously or unconsciously) focused energy, you can work with me on any area(s) of life. Whether you feel completely stuck (and have tried diverse methods, but it still won’t click), or are looking for a serious partner to create breakthroughs in your success, I know how to work with it.

And to be fully transparant in expectations: I am working solely with a small group of highly motivated clients. Each of them I expect  to fully commitment to their programme, in time, energy and resources. Experience has taught that this way clients get the most out of their coaching: an innate pleasure in constant definition, achievement and reassessment of their most fulfilling, high quality, long-term vision and choices, the development of rock-solid skills in personal energy management (and thereby unlocking the ability to use their attractive powers with precision and skill to allow the life potential(s) of their choosing into their personal lives).

Bottomline: my approach causes transformative outcomes which last long after a coaching programme has ended.

Note that some of my clients previously worked together with a different coach, yet others were completely new to coaching. What they all have in common, when choosing to work with me, is a deep feeling of resonance: she’s my coach and I am more than ready and willing to truly invest in me.

I didn’t know Eline personally at first and was a little suspicious how coaching could work – in a language which is not my first language and via phone. How could she interpret my reaction or my feelings? But astonishingly, it really works. During our sample session she convinced me by asking me the absolute right questions, meeting the point and giving me so many remarks to think about. She managed to get me up and implement the things which are important to me and makes me leave my comfort zone. I took decisions I haven´t been able to take for the past 10 years – feeling good and proud about my results.

I LOVE IT! The last 3 months have been a very big shift in my personal development. Really WAW! I can’t even remember who I was and how miserable I felt when I started working with Eline. I was trying so hard to develop myself personally by myself but the results that I’ve reached with the guidance of Eline can not even compare with what I was trying to do alone. I choose to work with Eline because with her talents she manages to see through me. She can read me perfectly and understands exactly what I want to say and how I really feel. This helped me to understand myself better and get the clarity I was looking for. Clarity…how does it feel? It feels like: Ready, set, GO! And this is how the program of Eline made me feel like. Therefore I am very grateful for her teachings and exercises that made me stretch my emotional intelligence and use it for the purpose of my well being! Eline is very practical, funny and makes complex concepts clear to understand and easy to remember. Every coaching session feels like a celebration. A real professional!