How to feel good about change (and how to not freak out)

Universal laws, e.g. like attracts like, cause the matching of personal energy frequencies. Whether we consciously acknowledge this or not. It’s quantum physics at work in your personal life! Since you cannot (nor would you want to) switch it off, you’ve definitely want to learn how to allow it to work for you (instead of against you) plus learning energy management is fun, because it allows you to be in charge of your life.

First you must understand that depending on how you feel you have acces to a certain range of thoughts. That’s why you when you feel scared or troubled, you cannot see the solutions, because the solutions are at a different frequency than feeling powerless, confused, angry, etc (all feelings of resistance).

So knowing this you also have to understand that you are living from two points: the viewpoint of your physical every day self (personality) and your visionairy self (who is overseeing the bigger picture and knows who you are at the deepest level of your being). That’s where emotions come into play.

When both points match frequency you feel as good as it gets, because there is no split energy and you are in alignment with your inner visionary. When you are not alignment you feel not (so) good and experience negative emotions. Since your inner visionairy knows what your preferences are and is calling you to the realisation (or manifestation) of them, becoming aware of this understanding is the second step in allowing the life in that you want to experience.

So what can you do when you are amidst of something you don’t want (you know that, because you are experiencing negative emotions)? Though it might be very tempting to get into immediate action, action taken from a place of negative emotion (resistance) never creates longlasting change and the results that you want. Instead what to do is, climbing the ladder of your emotions, by reaching for better feeling thoughts (thinking and feeling) to raise your emotional frequency to the vibration of appreciation, alignment and excitement for life. Once stable in that frequency, you are inspired to new good-feeling thoughts and impulses, doors swing open, delightful suprises and solutions start to flow into your life (and you cannot even remember what you were fuzzing and worrying about in the first place). This is real transformation and so the happy life starts in your awareness of your thoughts and emotions (and understanding and trusting this inner guidance).

I wish you a brilliant, happy, beautiful day.

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