My most important lesson in universal laws (it’s about expectation)

My most important lesson in universal laws is that you always (no exceptions) get what you expect…


Yes that is a big one, I mean it’s cool to know this when life is giving you what you want, but not so cool when life seems to hand you lemons. We all want to life lives of well-being, prosperity, abundant love and fun, at least I expect for myself a delicious life full of delightful experiences and love. But the thing is, you can not have it, if you don’t expect it.

So when my life was handing me my personal lemons (ranging from being overweight, tight money, failed relationship, career direction that wasn’t personally fulfilling), I initially tried to work hard to turn it around, throw all my effort at it, struggle over it, fight it (have you noticed how we have a tendency to fight in our society against all kinds of topics, people, nations, only to see an increase in the problems?) and I even have tried to barter with the universe (please universe, give me X and I will never ask for Y, Z) until I eventually became discouraged, tired, cried my eyes out and gave in.

Giving in turned out to be a very good thing, because it allowed me to surrender and open my mind to softer approaches. It was at that time that I became interested in personal development and coaching (and started to train myself as a coach at one of the most rigorous coach training schools in the world), not that it ‘solved’ everything in my life, but it did reconnect me with my essence and I came to understand how to make the distinction between the wise and false thoughts within myself, allowing me to tap into my own guidance. As I became more true to myself my life changed for the very better (weight dropped like crazy, not because some kind of magical solution, but because of self-love and self-care, an outgrown relationship was ended, I changed cities). There were new exciting experiences and also not so delightful experiences. So eventhough all had improved greatly, I still wondered:  How come, how come, that I still have some very painful experiences? Until I eventually found a few insights from different teachers that had this message at heart:

You get what you expect. Not because life is a b*tch, but because all our lives are under the operation of universal laws (within the reality of our time space, so don’t expect to change gravity).

There is a lot more possible for all of us, there is so much greatness and depth within us, but we have to allow ourselves to set our sights higher (and literally raise our personal vibe). There comes a time in our lives, where we all have to leave the comments of the peanut gallery behind (often the voices of the people who have had the most dominant influence when we were younger, school, family, etc) and just acknowledge that all of them did their best. Now that we are all adults we can feel for ourselves our own personal wisdom and live up to it. That is true maturation, when we take responsibilty for our own guidance. Know that you are guided with the force of love by your own inner self (and a lot of universal forces of light and love), which is exactly why negative emotion feels bad and positive emotions good, it’s your personal guidance at work.

So I invite you to have a look at your life, to see what feels good and what not, and where you would love to create different expectations for yourself. Set your sights higher, love yourself to the moon and back (as good as you can) and soon you’ll see some small changes in your life experience (you appreciating them creates more positive momentum). Yes, that means raise your personal vibe by the guidance of your emotions and follow-up on inner inspiration to experience new outcomes.

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