What to do when something you desire isn’t present in your life (sharing a powerful process)

If something that you deeply desire isn’t present in your life, you very likely will feel anxious, powerless or frustrated about its absence. Or so angry that you want to burn bridges and just start anew (which really I wouldn’t advise to do, because it will not get you to where you want to be, it temporary may cause relief, but sooner than later you’ll find yourself in a dejavu-like situation).

Maybe your partner left (or is using you as a doormat), your boss is treating you like shit, you feel like you screwed up something or you feel stuck in a situation you don’t want to be in (and this can be anything). You have been cracking your brains on how to change it, taking lots of action and putting effort into resolution, but so far you haven’t been succesful in turning it around and your are close to exhaustion. If this sounds like something that you are experiencing right now, then keep on reading. Because I am sharing a powerful process with you to transform your life in any area you choose.

However first you must understand that as long as you keep sending out the vibration of problems, lack, and all kinds of negative emotion, you’ll keep the momentum of what you don’t want going.

Step 1 – Feel your desires

The first step you want to take is identifying what you do want. Go grab a piece of paper and write down in general terms what you do want, e.g.

– I want to feel amazing in my body, clear and empowered;

– I want to feel connected to my own inspiration;

– I want to feel appreciated in the work that I do (or I want to feel joy and meaning in work that pays well);

– I want to feel excited in my relationship;

– I want to feel proud of myself for accomplishing ….;

– I want to feel loved.

As you might have noticed, I want you to formulate your statements in terms of feelings, so always start with ‘I want to feel [fill in the blank]’. That’s because we are emotional beings and the universe responds to our emotions.

Step 2 – Always go to the top

Now that you have created your list, go through it and feel the feelings, then close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine that you have come across a very wise loving person. Imagine someone who really knows and understands about your deepest desires, who deeply cares about you (such as an angel, a spirit guide, an inner being, anything that is meaningful to you) saying to you:

“I have heard you and it’s arranged for you, I will be guiding you to what you deeply desire, all I ask from you is that you trust me, trust in the well-being of this universe and trust in your own emotional guidance. Relax and accept that it is coming, just don’t try so hard. Keep your spirit high and always reach for positive good-feeling emotions.”

Give thanks to the universe, feel appreciation for all the help that is on the way, relax and chill out, while knowing that it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but that it is a matter of ‘when’. [If you are a skeptic, than you might want to ask yourself how that is helping you. Aren’t you exhausted by feeling like you have to do everything alone?]

The ‘when’ depends on your willingness to relax, to soothe yourself and to trust that the universe always gives to you what you deeply want. You cannot be negatively focused and expect amazing experiences to flow to you. You can only allow what you want in by awakening positive feelings of lightheartedness and happiness within you. Despite whatever circumstances. It’s about empowerment and breaking loose from letting yourself be intoxicated by reality. Unless you like it so much that you want it to continue.

You are able to transform your life by the power of your imagination and your ability to trust in your well-being. Act out of inspiration, instead of frustration, and everything always works out for you!


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