Eline van VeenendaalThere’s so much I can tell you about me, I figured it’s better to put it into some keywords (when you get into coaching with me, you’ll discover the deeper layer behind these words – as we will do for you!).

Courageous, warm, adventurous, loving, funny, generous, clear, international, spiritual and grounded, playful, big sunglasses & green minty lemonade, flying & writing novels, Ibiza & Genova, yoga & hiking, silk & wool, lavender chocolate & physics, tomboyish & fully owning herself as a woman, authentic & colourful, real.

For those with their feet still firmly planted in the world of degrees, resumes and achievements, this is for you (you can also take a look at my LinkedIn profile):

“In 2010 Eline van Veenendaal is trained as Professional Co-Active Life Coach by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London. CTI is one of the few coach training schools to be accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Since 2012 Eline is certified in Advanced Deep Democracy Facilitation – The Lewis Method, a methodology for decision-making (enabling all views and voices to be heard) and conflict resolution (releasing tension and evoking transformation).  This method was created by Greg and Myrna Lewis (South-Africa), when the apartheid ended and democracy began in South Africa. This method is applied succesfully by commercial and non-commercial organisations throughout the world.

Next to that Eline is an accredited specialist in Team Emotional Intelligence Survey (also since 2012), a tool that allows team leaders and managers insight into the dynamics within their team or organisation. The outcome of the survey is compared with scientific benchmarks on group emotional intelligence allowing team leaders/managers and team members to identify key priorities and actions to take team performance to the next level.

Finally, right after high school Eline started her career at the Royal Netherlands Naval College yet after one year aborted her training there, to obtain a Master degree in International and European Law, specialization Transnational Commercial Legal Practice/International Business & Financial Transactions (LLM, Utrecht University, 2007). When Eline is not coaching people, she is working on her novel (yet to be published).

Her secret passion is flying airplanes, on her list of personal goals are the achievement of her commercial pilot license + ATPL.

She has inspiring stories to tell about how she transformed her life, after concluding that law practice didn’t fulfill her, and how she embarked on her own journey of soul-searching and personal transformation (cycles of expansion, growth and joy) and she loves to share her stories with those who seek inspiration.”

So much more developments ever since, you are welcome!