Ready for a shift? 
Nothing shifts until energy shifts. Energy doesn’t shift until feelings shift. Feelings only shift when ideas shift.

Ideas about life, ideas about business and careers, ideas about relationships, ideas about becoming a parent; from experience we know that every breakthrough happens when we move beyond an edge we unconsciously hold.

At Eline van Veenendaal Coaching we are working exclusively and around the globe with highly motivated yet unique international clients, using leading edge coaching techniques.

We are working with clients who are ready for transformation and ready to invest in themselves. They are just as excited as we are about going leading edge.

The women and men we work with range from executives, (equity) partners, pilots, academics, managers to creatives (artists). Successful realization of their biggest personal and professional goals, while adding positively to the world, is the result.

Our coaching services are provided globally and location independent. We strive to meet all clients at least once during the collaboration (depending on client’s preferences).

We coach with consent, respect and responsibility for the coaching process.